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Marc Pelissier
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Using a camera since my childhood, I could not tell when I decided to work for sharper images than just souvenir capture.
Travel is now more a pretext to explore new area of photography (while yet having the pleasure to open the mind and eyes to new cultures and people). I do not feel specialized in one photo area although I never explored enough the studio and get a large attraction for Nature (landscape and wild life).
It took me a while to use a digital camera. Not that I was against it as I scanned my slide since a long time but because I loved the viewfinder of my Nikon F6 and as a Ultra wide angle player, I needed a full frame sensor. Therefore, I started in the digital era with a Nikon D700 and I'm currently playing happily with a Nikon D810 and D5.
Some additional images can be seen on
Thanks for your visit and do not hesitate to leave comments or question on some picture if you wish