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My first contact with photography was around 1983. I remember slipping into our living room to look at the cover of `Diario 16´, a magazine that came with the newspaper my parents bought each Sunday. That Sunday the cover was a photograph of a man, naked, hugging a woman who was fully dressed. That photograph captivated me so much. Perhaps because of that private moment captured in the photograph, a moment so unusually seen amongst couples at the time and especially unseen in my environment. Maybe it was the nakedness. I´m not sure what the real reason was but I just kept going back to look at the photograph day after day. The man was John Lennon, the woman, Yoko Ono and the photographer, Annie Leibovitz.
Since 2002 my relationship with photography has intensified thanks to the development of digital photography and the ease in which I can use and access it. That year I bought my first compact digital camera. During my teens I had used, unfortunately not often enough, an analogical camera but due to how slow the process was I had to leave it behind. In 2009 I bought my first reflex digital camera with the money I had from selling my record collection.
During my experience as a hobby photographer some things have never changed, I have always become familiar with photographs before knowing the actual photographer´s name. This speaks volumes about the peculiarities of this art and the difficulties in placing it somewhere between an art form or just a mere technique to capture an image. I can´t pinpoint my exact influences but I am constantly drawn to classic photography and the greats from the early 20th century. Black and white has left its mark on me, due to its capacity to show raw emotions despite their era making them timeless. The purest white and the darkest black are more than enough to fill my photographic world. It is in this black and white where I feel most comfortable. As Cristina García Rodero said “Colour ties you to reality, black and white allows you to fly.”
As far as genres go, without a doubt, social photography and journalistic photography are, for me, the most exciting and interesting. They capture and frame humanity perfectly. I don´t take these kind of photographs but I consider them to be photography in its purest form. They capture human nature in its most sincere and raw way, no frills. My major influences are Robert Capa, Bruce Davison, W. Eugene Smith, Josej Koudelka, Sebastiäo Salgado, Cristina García Rodero , Gervasio Sánchez and so many more.
With my photography I have to say that it fulfills a personal urge to take photographs. Things are constantly happening, moments and places, wonderful scenes and situations that normally take a back seat in our daily lives. All these things taking place right before our eyes but due to daily worries or other problems we just don´t see them. I need to capture these moments. The wonderful thing about photography is its capacity to show us these moments. This is more or less what I enjoy every time I take out my camera. I must admit that just going out to see what I can capture is exciting and rewarding, even on those days I return without a single frame. The search is what produces these feelings and in those moments where I forget all of my problems and all that is left is the link between my mind and my camera. Here, a privileged vantage point where I am alone and I can observe everything going on around me.