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Yvette Depaepe
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I'm a child of the Belgian coast and the Flemish Polders.It is reflected in much of my photography, whether it is about the sea, the long straight polder canals or the weather beaten trees bent by the Southwesterly winds.The landscape in which I was born and raised, and where I still live today, is grand. It lets the eye travel to a far horizon which in turn invites to look further and seek new ones at home and abroad. In search of new horizons I have traveled to Australia, Nepal, Canada and the United States.  Traveling not only means new horizons. It also means experiencing deeper emotions.I capture these emotions in my images, which give them much more meaning than just being a recording of a landscape, a tree, a waterfall, the sea. My photography is purely emotional. I want to give my photos a soul, I want to capture the emotions I felt when I took the photo and show them in the processed image. Every photo is a reflection of my soul.      Feel free to have a look on my websiteLearn more about me in this interview