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Piet Flour
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I love love;  I love my family;  I love enjoying;  I love sharing;  I love curiosity;  I love amazement;  I love beauty;    ... I love living.
I try to make every new day the best day of my life.
For my photography I like to present a personal vision on the world, and on what's happening arround us.
I do not like to immure myself in a theme or style, and try to stay open to all kinds of approaches.
I don't do studio photography, I prefer to shoot outside and register life just as unexpected as it goes without interfering.
Besides photography I spend a lot of time sporting.
And as my body doesn't enable me to sport as much as I could when I was a younger athlete I enjoy reading books when slowing down the time.
Now that my wife and I have more time, and still have a good health we hope to travel as much as possible to open new horizons and discover other cultures.
Titles, status, selections, or awards don't  influence my perception on photographers or images.