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Big Diamonds in Jukulsarlon

by dariosastre

I had previously visited this area in Iceland, so I was familiar with the unique interplay of surf, sand, sky and icebergs. After careful research, I planned a trip to Iceland in March when all of the conditions would be optimal — lots of ice and the right waves in the sea.

Canon 7D  .  Tokina 11-16mmf/2.8  .  11mmmm  .  4ss  .  f/63  .  ISO100

The idea for this image had been growing in my mind for almost a year before I was able to realize it. I wanted the moving water to be rendered as filmy streaks rather than crisp droplets. This would require a shutter speed of 3–4 seconds. To get such a long shutter speed, I had to use a 10 stop neutral density (ND) filter (B+W ND 1000x). The other consideration was the timing of the shutter release. After some trial and error, I found that the best time to open the shutter was when a wave started to recede and the ice blocks were relatively steady. 

"ND filters with 10 stops look like black glass and do not let enough light through for metering or autofocus, so you have to set up everything first and then put on the filter."

Before adding the filter, I composed the image in the viewfinder and made sure the tripod was secured. I focused on the nearest iceberg and then switched to manual focus, taking care not to disrupt anything. ND filters with 10 stops look like black glass and do not let enough light through for metering or autofocus, so you have to set up everything first and then put on the filter. To avoid vibrations that would cause blur, I used a cable release (Canon RC-6) with a 2-second delay and the mirror locked up. 

I am very happy with the resulting image. It really fulfilled the vision that had been haunting me for a year, and I am glad that I let the idea develop fully before rushing in and taking the picture. I never got tired of looking for photographs in this place, and each picture refined my vision. A print of this image has been decorating the wall of my living room for some time now. I think it captures the essence of this wonderful place, and I encourage any landscape photographer to visit this surreal island if they have the opportunity.

The first, basic adjustments to the RAW file were made in Adobe Lightroom 4, and then the image was exported to Photoshop to make the final adjustments.

1) I began in Lightroom 4, adjusting the Basic sliders as follows: White Balance 7450 K, Highlights –45, Shadows +65, Blacks –64 and Whites –68.

2) I then opened the image in Adobe Photoshop. First I created a duplicate layer and used a High Pass filter with Radius 5. I set the blending mode to Overlay and applied a layer mask. This created a strong sharpening effect, but the layer mask limited it to desired areas such as the icebergs.

3) I applied a Curves adjustment layer with a reverse S-curve to enhance the light in the foreground and add contrast to the trails left by the water foam. 

4) Next I added a Levels adjustment layer to enhance the light on the icebergs and at the horizon. I applied a layer mask to exclude the rest of the image from that effect. 

5) Finally, a Soft Gradient was applied to the sky to darken it a bit more and to balance it with the rest of the image.
1) Take your time finding the perfect vantage point, and remember that your composition is all about telling the story in your mind. The first spot you come to may not be the best — be ready to move around. 

2) Be patient with waves. As any surfer will tell you: every wave is different, and some waves will just be prettier than others. Different places on the beach will also have different amounts of spray and foam from the waves, and it will take some patience to find the perfect balance. 

3) Experiment with different shutter speeds. Longer speeds result in a milky, calm appearance, whereas shorter speeds give the impression of action. I prefer 3–5 seconds, but your own subject and taste will, of course, dictate your desired effect.
I live in Gijón, a small town in northern Spain. As an amateur photographer, I have a strong inclination toward both natural and urban landscapes, although I do enjoy other types of photography. Despite always being interested in photography, I did not get my first SLR until after my young son, Alvaro, turned four years old. Since then, my main photographic subject has been the stunning landscapes of the Asturias.
I am always seeking to explore new landscapes and to find the perfect image.

Congratulations for the tutorial. I have traveled several times in Iceland and I never get to take pictures as beautiful as what my eyes see there. Un abrazo.
Congratulations, countryman.
Winners Contest 'Graffiti'

The contest 'GRAFFITI' was a big success.  This "hard to miss" piece of Art was well represented in the submissions. Graffiti photographs from all over the world show us how strong this art subculture is developing.  In many of the images, the human presence is involved. 
Enjoy this gallery of 10 best submissions.

The winners with the most votes are: 
1st place:    Adolfo Urrutia
2nd place:  Jose C. Lobato
3rd place:   Bojan Bencic


Thanks to everybody who participated to the contest 'Graffiti'.

We hope to see you a lot of submissions in the currently running theme: 'STARRY SKIES'
If you ever witnessed the Milky Way or a sky full of this amazing luminous spheres, don't hesitate to submit your very best.

The contest 'Starry Skies' will end on the 25th of November.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, you can do it here

1st place: Adolfo Urrutia


2nd place: Jose C. Lobato


3rd place: Bojan Bencic



by Michael Jurek


by Vito Castrignanò


by Fernando Alves


by mike franks


by Peter Davidson


by Kaushik Dolui


by Uschi Hermann


Congratulations to the winners, BEAUTIFUL images!
Congratulations to winners
Thanks a lot, Nihal.
Congratulations to Adolfo, Jose and all the participants. It is a great honor to be among you. And a great big Thank You to Yvette.
My pleasure, dear Bojan! Congrats once more, my friend!
Thanks a lot. My congratulations to you too, it is a joy to share with you the podium, Bojan.
Congratulations to all the participants of the theme.
Muito obrigado, Fernando.
Enhorabuena Adolfo, una imagen preciosa. Un premio muy meritorio. Y mi enhorabuena a todos los premiados. Saludos para todos.
Para mí es un placer y un honor enorme estar junto a ti en un podium, así que tus palabras me alegran un montón, Jose. Por supuesto, mi felicitación por tu preciosa foto.
Enhorabuena Adolfo y mis felicitaciones igualmente al resto de ganadores.
Muchas gracias, Marco, por tu felicitación.
Magnificent images, congrats to all the winners and congrats to Adolfo for his splendid composition !!!
Thanks a lot for your kind comment, Thierry.
Congratulations to winners . It was fun to participate.
Thank you very much, Olga.
Big congratulations to the 3 winners and honorable mentions. Thanks to all the participants for sharing. We hope to see many submissions to the currently running contest 'Starry Skies' which will end on the 25th of November. Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks dear friend. A greeting Yvette.
Your work is priceless. Thanks a lot, Yvette.
Mi mas sincera enhorabuena a los ganadores, especialmente a Adolfo Urrutia y a Jose C. Lobato por la cercanía y a los que sigo con admiracion. Un fuerte abrazo y muchas felicitaciones. My most sincere congratulations to the winners, especially Adolfo Urrutia and Jose C. Lobato for the closeness and to whom I continue with admiration. A big hug and many congratulations. Jois Jois
Muchas gracias por lo que me toca amigo mio. Un fuerte abrazo.
Te agradezco un montón tus palabras tan generosas. Un abrazo, Jois.
Hadi Malijani: Photographer of the week

by  Yvette Depaepe

Hadi Malijani  likes to express his emotions through his work. He is extremely interested in creatively edited images to tell the many stories he has in mind.  Hadi's inspiration is endless and he doesn't put any limitations on his artistic liberty. His photographs are showing a totally different universe. 
Let yourself be drawn into his imaginary world and learn more about him through this interview.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, Hadi.
Briefly tell us about yourself, your hobbies and other jobs.
My name is Hadi Malijan , I was born in 1989 In Shiraz, Iran.

I am an undergraduate in social sciences - research.
I'm self-trained in photography and I learned by myself from home.
Photography is also my first hobby and love. After that I love reading, especially poems of Khayam and Molana, listening to different kinds of music and working out,
I always like to travel through nature and hear the sounds of birds.



“Beautiful mind”

How has your history and life experiences affected your photography?
My father bought an analogue camera when I was a child and that made me magically surprised and curious to see how it could stop the time, by capturing the moment. I found myself interested  in photography and I am still very fond of it.
I was interested in different photographs and paintings  in journals and magazines. They had motivated me to cut out my favourite photographs from the magazines and attach them into my booklet as a collection.

Which are your most important experiences that have influenced your art?
My mother and grandmother used to weave carpet and I always found myself interested in the pictures and designs of those amazing carpets. A variety of animals, plants, and geometrical graphs. I could watch the carpet weaving forever and I think that carpets affect me because they were simple but beautiful. In my dreams as a child, the pictures on carpets were alive and I always played with them.


“Free association”


“Dream vacation”

What first attracted you to photography?
I was first fascinated with how photography gave me the opportunity to express my emotions to the people around me.
Photographs can capture  the time, thoughts, and emotions of a dream. I think photography can make people think and photography is my thinking language.

Describe your overall photographic vision.
I am extremely interested in creative editing, because I think I can tell all my stories and thoughts this way. Leonardo da Vinci said ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. I am interested in simplicity in my work even though I'm looking forward to learn more techniques in photography.





Why are you so drawn by creatively edited photography?
When I got familiar with photography, it let me simply dream and there were no limitations for my mind, I could express my emotions and thoughts and that was a  totally different world for me.

What is more important to you, the mood,/story behind your images or the technical perfection?
For me the story behind the images is more important, which does not mean that other factors are not also important. I think for effective and professional work, technique is important too and they can complement each other (the story behind the photograph and the technique).


“Parallel Worlds”



Do you prepare carefully the locations where you are intending to photograph?
No, no way, most of the locations in my work do not really exist and I create them according to my dreams by mixing some different images in a good way.

What software do you use to process your images?
I use Photoshop cc. I think it is a big world and I learn new things every time I use this program. I always look forward to learn new techniques.



Can you tell us something more about your work flow?
I start collecting the related images to my idea after I found my idea. Because my work always starts from some images. It happened to me a lot that new ideas appeared in my mind while I worked on something else.
I usually open Photoshop without any idea and create new work.
My work takes me from few hours to even few months, due to the style.


“Hard way”


“On the edge”

What is your most important advice to a beginner in creatively edited photography and how do you get started?
I strongly recommend hard work and patience in photography. The success cannot be achieved without working and patience. I think they should try to make themselves familiar with different theories in the field of art, watch the work of other artists because they can get a lot from them.
Never listen to the unskilled people about your ideas and work and never be afraid of losing, and be sure if you follow your goal you will get it, just take the first step.


Is there any specific photo taken by another photographer that has inspired you a lot and why?
I really can't mention an image or a photographer, I really enjoy seeing different images of talented photographers every day.

Are there any specific directions that you would like to take your photography in the future or any specific goals that you wish to achieve?
I would love to go on my path to be a part of world peace with my works.




“I see you III”

Describe your favourite photograph taken by you and why it is special to you? 
This is a hard question, because I love all my work and they are so valuable to me. But if I want to choose between them I would say "Derak".



Is there anything else you wish to add  and what do you think about 1X as a home base for your work?
I would like to say thank you to dear Yvette Depaepe for this interview which is very important for me,
I think I really appreciate my friend Moein Zarei because he was the one who motivated me and introduced the 1X website to me.

1X is so popular in Iran and I should confess that I have two dates of birth in my life. One of them is my physical birthday and the other one is when I got familiar with 1X.
I'm developing every day through 1X.
I meet individuals with global view and big spirits in 1X.
I think this is really more than just a simple website. This is a large community of cultures, languages, and different races merged into one soul defined by their humanity.
I live with 1X and 1X is my home.

Big congrats mate!!! Your works are absolutly unique und creative!!!
Her pictures have a lot of depth and are very impressive. The fact that they are worked in black and white makes them something very special. Many greetings Herbert
Your works have always been wonderful for me. Hope you will always be productive with the speed of my farewell, dear friend
Hadi, your imagination is awesome, Spaces and frames, Everyone is a classroom
many many thanks to you, dear Hossein jan ! Much appreciated
Beautiful galleries and wonderful interviews and articles !! Congratulations Hadi !!
Thanks so much! really appreciate
The magical world of Hadi's artwork and this special interview are a delight and inspiration to me.Thank you, Yvette, and congratulations, Hadi, for your endless creativity!
My pleasure,Dear gabriela ! Thanks for your feedback,,my friend!
Wonderful! Truly impressed by the creativity and words!
Thank you so much, very kind of you
Excellent imagination, fantastic gallery and wonderful interview. Congratulations, Hadi, and thank you, Yvette.
My pleasure, Adolfo! Thanks for your feedback, my friend!
Honor is for me !!Thank you very much! Your opinion, is very valuable to me!
A feast to 'study' your images Hadi: I love creativity in photography and that's what you let us see, thanks for sharing this beauties and your words! Hope to see much more of your fine works in the future! Thumbs high!
Many thanks for your nice comment Dear Huib
Fine words and images from a creative mind .... congratulations Hadi !
Many thanks for your nice comment ! I am very glad !
Fine interview, Hadi! A pleasure to publish it and thanks for sharing... Congratulations!
Dear Yvette Thank you for this interview which is biggest surprise and honour. Thank you very much!Your opinion, is very valuable to me!
Magnificent imagination !
Thank you so much, very kind of you
congratulations dear Hadi
Thank you very much Dear friend Navid Jan
Transferring your dreams to photos is really a magnificent concept. Superb interview of this talented photographer very modest in relation to the work he creates. Thank you Yvette and thank you Hadi for your work of which I am a fervent admirer !!!
Many thanks for your nice comment ! I am very glad !
Thank you very much Dear friend
Houses which are not ....

by Editor Siarhei Mikhaliuk


“Autumn leaf collector” by Ben Goossens

For each person and for every living being in the Universe his own home is important. Home is a place where we rest, a place where we meet with friends, a place where we can feel good and comfortable, a place where we are with our beloved ones and where our children are raised! Commonly home is being associated with a house as the physical structure that can take on many shapes, but can also be a tent, a cave or any sheltered place, depending on culture and circumstances.

Today, in the modern world, buildings come in many forms and for diverse purposes . Not all are ‘homes’ but can be buildings with a certain function, such as hospitals, schools, universities, temples and monasteries, offices and factories,or large shopping malls, just to name a few.

Today is the 21st century many people from all over the world travel and while we are far from our beloved home, we have now the opportunity to observe how other people live.
It is important and interesting for us to see their culture and their customs.

In search for beautiful places to show in images, we can also turn to imagination.  And today I want to show you how to create an imagination into some of the most beautiful images.
It is possible that the designer of each digitally rearranged photograph would like to live at a location as shown, or maybe this is just a fantasy, [as we see it in the imaginary worlds of film and online virtual reality].

A house, which as shown does not physically exist yet, and often never will. A house which exists in the creators and in the viewers  imagination. The existence of such a house is interesting to consider, it attracts attention with its unusual location, and composition of the surroundings, which are often magical.

When we look at such digital artwork, we travel with the author to unreal worlds. Our attention does not stop at that point, our attention travels to infinity.
In such photographs, it is clearly seen how the authors create the often impossible.  The viewer can see how images are born in the author’s imagination. Often their houses grow like trees or fly.
No one knows, maybe soon we will all live that way. After all, not so long ago an air plane existed also only in the imagination.

Imagination can create reality.
Enjoy this gallery of "Houses wich are not ..." by 1x photographers.


“Speak, Friend and Enter” by Sherry Akrami


'House in the Sky" by sulaiman almawash


N/T by Sherry Akrami


"Home alone III" by Caras Ionut


“Refuge à la mer” by Ben Goossens


"Safe house" by Ben Goossens


N/T by Schnette


N/T by Radoslav Penchev


"City of Arts and Sciences"  by Martin Zalba


"Hotel in Zaandam" by Theo Luycx


“Life Box" by Koji Tajima


"Niagara Falls" by Larry Deng


"snowbound " by Rolf Endermann


"Yellow and blue" by vladi garcia


"Embracing the blue sky" by Gerard Jonkman


“Antwerp shipping” by Ben Goossens


"Very 'Mobile HOME' by Ben Goossens


Beautiful selection, congratulations to all the creators of these magnificent images!
Thank you for including my houses!
Great pics ! Congrats to all of you !
Splendid photographs. Well done !!!!!
great works and article, congrats to all
Houses that I will dream of living :) A real marvel, stunning images and creations !!!
Thank you dear Yvette for including one of my images.
Thank you so much for including one of my houses.
Nice collection of artworks !
Thank you very much for including one of my works!
congratulations dear Hadi
Thank you very much Dear friend Navid Jan
Transferring your dreams to photos is really a magnificent concept. Superb interview of this talented photographer very modest in relation to the work he creates. Thank you Yvette and thank you Hadi for your work of which I am a fervent admirer !!!
Many thanks for your nice comment ! I am very glad !
Thank you very much Dear friend
Senior Critics' review on "Love is so short"

Published by Editor  Yvette Depaepe  in collaboration with Greg Barsh, Head of the Senior Critics

1x has a unique feature the founders are very proud of:  the photo critique. 
Members can submit pictures to a team of knowledgeable senior critics. Their feedback and different suggestions are useful, interesting and enriching even for the best of us.

Critique on the photo ”Love is so short” by  Rodrigo Núñez Buj 

Original version submitted to the critique forum

Final version after applying the suggestions of the Senior Critics

I have uploaded this photo because I am very proud of my first session with "merops apiaster".  I think  it's a good frame twith a good position of birds and great details. The background has a correct blur. This version had 80% popularity in the members curation.
I like to know if I can improve this photo because it was not published. I know that there are plenty of photos of this bird. I think the light is correct and the blurred background too.  There are details in the eyes of the birds, their position in the courtship is OK, and the noise editing seems good to me too.  I don't know, if you have any ideas, I always think that if you upload many frames, all is much more simple. Thanks for your time.

Member Bernadette Heemskerk
Sorry to see that this shot was not accepted.

I like it, it is crispy sharp, has much details, A nice blurry background and shows a special.  I don't know how to improve  it...
May be the branch is a bit too bright?

Well, this is hair splitting, I am afraid. I hope others will give some tips to improve this photo? If not, be happy with it.  It's a gorgeous one, in my humble opinion.

Rodrigo Núñez Buj
Thanks, Bernadette.  I will try to improve it by working on the branch.


Senior Critic Calin Hanchevici 
Thank you for sharing the image with us. It is a great capture, the birds are in focus, the beaks are open, exposure is spot on. I am sorry to hear this image was not published, unfortunately we do not have any insight in the selection process. You should not be discouraged, as this is an image to be proud of, and very likely would win awards in other competitions.

I have a single comment about your image, and that is regarding the composition. As it is now, the image is heavy on the left, all action happens on that side of the image. If you want to keep the framing, I would suggest flipping the image horizontally. To me it has a nicer flow this way. You can consider cropping a bit from the bottom such that the branch ends in the corner.

It is an excellent photo and my comment is a bit of nit-picking. I hope you will find it useful. Congratulations again, and thank you for the opportunity.

Rodrigo Núñez Buj 
Hi Calin, thanks for your time and for your comments. I cropped the image from the right and at the bottom.  By flipping the image horizontally as you said, the "reading" of the image should be better and more natural. 
I made a new version and think it is much better after all the corrections.  You can see it in my portfolio or on top of this article.

Senior Critic Calin Hanchevici 
Rodrigo, thank you for sharing the new version. To me it looks much better. The branch is less bright and the viewer can enjoy the birds better.


Member Marco Maljaars 
A beautiful image, colors, bokeh interaction between the birds and razor sharp. I like it a lot as also confirmed by the public curation. 80% is impressive and it deserves this acceptance rate.

The only thing here is maybe to turn the highlights, levels a bit down. It's not over exposed but there is some brightness which is a bit too much. You can see it in the branch as mentioned by Bernadette. The details are a bit lost there. If you have the raw file try to edit it in 16bits and use tools like Nik Viveza. Maybe you can try to perform just a little crop to remove some of the right.

I wish we could have some feedback from the curators during final curation, especially if you hit 80% which is high on 1x.

Rodrigo Núñez Buj 
Hi Marco, I read your comment letter by letter. I have processed the image to reduce the white levels, cropped a little from right and from bottom, I have improved the bokeh showing little details.  Thanks for your time, you can see the new version on my portfolio and on top of this article.

Member Marco Maljaars 
Magnificent job you did, Rodrigo!  May be this version will make it to the gallery now.


Member Miroslaw 
I really like this photo, Rodrigo. The composition is correct, the colors are beautiful. We see on this picture a rare scene especially this fight between the birds for having food. An exceptional moment.

Just a note: I would like to have this picture with a little less light (less brightness).

Good luck.

Rodrigo Núñez Buj 
Hi Miroslaw, thanks for your time!  This photo is about the courtship.  The male offers insects to the female bee-eater. Anyway, I have reduced the brightness in the new version that you can see in my portfolio and on top of this article.


Senior Critic Darlene Hewson 
Sorry that this image was published! It is a beautiful shot - the colours and detail in the faces are super!

You didn't give us your camera settings, but based on the shallow depth of field (the tails), I would recommend in the future, closing down the aperture more so you can render the bird in focus beak to tail. You will still have a soft, dreamy background, and the detail in the feathers will be even stronger and more evident.

I believe I read below that someone had suggested working on the highlights on the branch and I agree, as it's just a little too bright, especially on the right hand side.
I think it's a great shot - great pose and definitely tells a story! You should be proud!!
I hope I have been of some help.

Rodrigo Núñez Buj 
Thanks Darlene, you can see the new version with all the corrections in my portfolio and here on top of this article.


Member Hakki Aydin Ucar 
Great work! I cannot say anything about composition, colors and clear background. 

Flipping horizontally looks better, indeed.   May be a more narrow depth of field might keep more body parts of the birds in focus, expecially on the lower part ot the bird on the right.  Besides, a pitty that we cannot see the tail of that bird.

Don't worry about using a smaller aperture.  The lost blur on the background can always be rendered in Photoshop later.


Critique is also open to all members, and we learn together here. If you see an image you'd like to comment on, your words would be welcome.


Very interesting and a bit educative. I like the image as it is. IMO even the unsharp tail fit well to the overall composition (nice transition to well blurred BG). I do not think that the sharpest photo is always the best. The colors are colors are beautiful and capturing the "feeding moment" is excellent. Definitive, IMO, this is a photo for 1x gallery. Well done Rodrigo. Many thank to Yvette & Greg for editing and publishing.
It’s interesting that people say the highlights are too strong. I wonder if they are viewing it on a smart phone? I say this because if you are, is your brightness 100%? Are you using True Tone? Also the PC should be 85% brightness as well as color calibrated. I believe viewing this when printed correctly would be perfect. It’s a stunning image as it is. Sure the flip thing is good but I prefer the original. As far as it not getting published....... there is nothing anyone can say as the curation process is like a secret society like the movie Dead Poets Society!! LOL
Fine interaction between Rodrigo and the Senior Critics/members. Even if not published, this is and image to be proud of, Rodrigo! Keep on shooting and improving your skills, my friend. Congratulations! Cheers, Yvette
Splendid photographs. Well done !!!!!
great works and article, congrats to all
Houses that I will dream of living :) A real marvel, stunning images and creations !!!
Thank you dear Yvette for including one of my images.
Thank you so much for including one of my houses.
Nice collection of artworks !
Thank you very much for including one of my works!
congratulations dear Hadi
Thank you very much Dear friend Navid Jan
Transferring your dreams to photos is really a magnificent concept. Superb interview of this talented photographer very modest in relation to the work he creates. Thank you Yvette and thank you Hadi for your work of which I am a fervent admirer !!!
Many thanks for your nice comment ! I am very glad !
Thank you very much Dear friend